Reprogramming Immersion
for Regestation

Five-day immersion with cleaning and alignment practices, with reprogramming of the energy system at the end. In-person, which can take place at the IMXT headquarters, in Minas Gerais (Brazil), on demand in a location of the participants’ choice or in international experiences. 

Only for those who have already done the Gestational Chart and Reprogramming was recommended during reading.

What is Regestation?

Energy neuroplasty is a process of changing the energetic system at a structural and functional level, based on practices that alter the vibrational pattern and impact on different levels: physical, emotional, mental and astral. It is possible to align your energy so that you transform the way you think, perceive, act and express yourself.

One of the ways to carry out this process is ENERGETIC REPROGRAMMING FOR REGESTATION, which consists of exchanging energies in your system and takes place after an immersion with transformative experiences, which prepare you for reprogramming.

Why do I need the Gestational Chart?

The Gestational Map is necessary to enter this immersion, it is the tool that allows us to map what needs to be worked on and changed in the system to break with repetitive and limiting patterns, inherited during intrauterine formation.

5 days of treatment (Wednesday to Sunday)

It has an intensive therapy program

Each class has a maximum of 6 participants

You cottage in a chalet just for you

Cleansing and aligning the physical body

Balanced diet, herbal baths and other cleansing practices.

Cleansing and aligning the emotional body

Catharsis dynamics and techniques, collective and individual.

Cleansing, alignment and organization of the mental body

Creation of the Neuroaxis (stone filter) and application of therapeutic games.

Cleansing and aligning the astral body

Meditations and shamanic journeys.

On the last day of the immersion, Energy Reprogramming takes place, a process of exchanging energy in the system and recharging the electromagnetic matrix. Regestation is the period following reprogramming, for which you will be guided at the end of the experience.

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