Max Tovar

Max Tovar can be defined, at first, as a questioner/seeker. Faced with so many doubts about her personal life, at a very young age, she commits herself to find answers, understand and know how to deal with her own questions, skills , heal traumas and pain.

After many experiences, learning, experiences and encounters with people who helped her along this path, she underwent an immersion in different training courses. In 1989, the paths of Max and Juan Uviedo intertwined. Juan introduced Max to the universe of shamanic cosmology and his cosmological map. In a short time, with Juan’s training, Max reformulated this map, giving rise to the Gestational Map.

Impressed by Max’s vision, Juan adopted Energy Cosmology as a new paradigm. United in purpose, they founded the Cosmovision Research Center in Varginha-MG, becoming a reference in teaching this new science. However, Max’s dedication was not limited to the foundation. She advanced in improving this study, integrating this knowledge with other areas such as integrative therapies, parapsychology, neuroscience, and epigenetics and perinatal health.

Thus, she developed the Max Tovar Method, based on the electromagnetic matrix and the training of the energetic intelligences that make up the human system. With his teachings, the Max Tovar Institute was born, guiding countless people to a more prosperous existence, aligned with their life purposes.

Here, the possibilities are endless.

The Max Tovar Institute

IMXT (Instituto Max Tovar) is a training and reprogramming center for energetic intelligence, which uses transformative technology — the Gestational Chart. This tool reveals pre-programmed behavior patterns during the period of intrauterine formation, which tend to be repeated throughout life. By knowing these patterns and their origin, it is possible to consciously change your programming, transforming not only the way we deal with money, family, work, studies, love life and other aspects,  but also improving our well-being and balance.

Max Tovar, one of the coders of the Gestational Map and dedicated to its constant improvement, lends her name to IMXT and gives our institute an approach a unique, which makes it a reference in integrative care and personal development. Today, we are the forefront of the reprogramming of energetic intelligences.

Through a systemic view of the human being, we offer experiences, courses and content aimed at those seeking new heights in self-knowledge and personal excellence, as well as training therapists and other professionals interested in expanding their practices using the Max Tovar Method and intelligence training.

We offer free and professional courses, digital materials, applications and books for you to immerse yourself in creative and transformative discussions.

We believe in a world transformed by the combination of individual and collective changes. Our difference lies in an integral approach to the human being, considering the five bodies as a pedagogical perspective: physical, emotional, mental, astral and energetic.

We are a reference in integrative care.

A Equipe


Bárbara Tovar

Bárbara plays a central role in the Energy Cosmology Research and Development Center from the Max Tovar Institute. From a very early age, she followed her mother’s study path in the fundamentals of Energy Cosmology, acquiring in-depth knowledge in the calculations of the Gestational Map, which has dominated since she was 14 years old.

With extensive experience in therapeutic games, neuraxial therapies and acting as a facilitator in Energy Psychodrama and Music Therapy, Bárbara extends her work to the development and creation of new methods and processes, contributing to IMXT and its professionals being in constant process of improvement and evolution.


Aline Corcetti

A psychologist by training, Aline plays a central role at IMXT, bringing a unique combination of skills
therapies and qualified experiences. Along with Max Tovar, she is the most experienced Reading specialist in the world.
Gestational Map, also standing out as a cosmotherapist specializing in shamanic and
therapeutic games with neuroaxis, when conducting experiences and retreats.

With a solid background, Aline received direct training from Max Tovar in cosmological shamanism,
consolidating herself as an energetic reprogrammer and leader of the practice of reprogramming for regestation.

In addition to her contribution as an active member of IMXT, Aline plays a fundamental role as
supervisor in training courses for therapists who read the Gestational Map and cosmotherapists. Your
Presence at the institute means access to a transformative experience, supported by a unique and
focused on Energy Cosmology.


Hugo Mesquita

Hugo is a specialist in Shamanic Therapies and his expertise covers a wide repertoire of techniques energetic, psychic and emotional, carefully rescued from ancestral wisdom. Recognized by his skills in leading therapeutic and cathartic journeys, which explore cellular memories through methods such as breathing, rebirth, constellation and systemic practices focused on feeling.

Graduated in physical education, he is also an active member of IMXT and an entrepreneur. Its main objective is to guide each individual through a deep journey within themselves, exploring the unconscious and transforming old memories into liberating resources. His work aims to reintegrate aware of the physical body, harmoniously aligning it with the emotional and mental body. In this way, promoting spiritual expansion and the manifestation of a conscious presence, contributing significantly for the development of each individual’s personal power during immersion processes in IMXT.


Aline Luz

Psychologist and postgraduate in Chinese medicine. Therapist reader of the Gestational Map, brings with her extensive experience as a cosmotherapist. Her mastery of the techniques of Energetic Cosmology, such as neuroaxis and journeys to the unconscious, positions her as a leader in conducting dynamics and practices of awareness. With a solid foundation in NLP, Chinese medicine and reiki, her goal is clear: to restore the physical, emotional, psychic, energetic and spiritual balance.


Isabela Rossignoli

Psychologist and postgraduate degree in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology. Also an experienced cosmotherapist and specialist in Gestational Chart Reading, delved deeper into the techniques of Ewnergetic Cosmology, following the premises of the Max Tovar method. Her dedication to human knowledge, especially in roots of repetitive patterns, highlights Isabela as an experienced guide in the process of self-knowledge and transformation.

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