The original method of
Juan Uviedo

Juan presents Max with his channeling on shamanic cosmology and the cosmological map, which was drawn like this:

The decoded method
by Max Tovar

The new mapping method decoded by Max Tovar designs the system
energy in the lower plan of the head, bringing to light the relationship between the intelligences
energies, brain voids and vital points of the human organism. Max
also deciphered the functioning of the electromagnetic matrix, the field where
energetic intelligences move and from where they influence the way of thinking,
act, feel and move of an individual.
Impressed by Max’s vision, Juan adopted Energetic Cosmology as a new
paradigm. Together, they founded the Cosmovision Research Center in Varginha-MG,
standing out as a reference in teaching this new science.

Max’s dedication,
however, it transcended the foundation and, by associating these discoveries with
knowledge of parapsychology, integrative therapies, neuroscience, epigenetics and
perinatal health, in which he specialized, gives rise to the method of training
energetic intelligences that today bear his name.