The alignment of our seven bodies provides us with a connection with the energy generating source, and enables synergy in the Energy System, in full balance.

We have seven distinct bodies, interdependent and interconnected by chemical components and subtle structures. They are grouped into different levels, from physical to spiritual, and each of them exists in its respective dimension.

They are: physical body, in the material dimension; watery, in the emotional dimension; mental, in the dimension of thoughts and beliefs; astral, in the dimension of dreams; energetic, in the vital dimension; soul, in the essential dimension; divine, in the spiritual dimension.


Our physical body is the densest manifestation, it is the vehicle that conducts the electrical waves that express light, our soul, here in the physical universe.

Family • School • Work • Social Sexuality • Vocation • Spirit

Our body, to receive and transmit these waves, needs to be in good and full functioning, healthy and in harmony. Nutrition is the fuel of the human body, natural foods nourish neurotransmitters, facilitate connections between neural networks and enable more disposition and intelligence in the functioning of the energy system.

Using a metaphor to explain better, we can say that our physical body is a lamp that receives light through a programmed system; therefore, if the lamp burns out, the light will not cease to exist, it will just have no physical means to manifest itself.

The alignment of our seven bodies provides the connection with the source that generates Life, enabling the synergy of our Energy System and its full balance.

The physical body expresses itself through the Seven Realities, which comprise the perception of possible dimensions. There are seven angles of vision that express the realities of manifestation of the soul: when we take the center as a reference, we notice the reality of what is in front and behind, to the right and left, above and below.

Our first reality is that of the family, where we learn to experience our emotional dimension and develop patterns of behavior.

The second reality is related to didactic learning, which is shaped during the school phase, also providing us with knowledge about the social world. It is during this long period of learning that we organize our resources for future professional positioning.

The third reality is social contact, as we move from childhood to adolescence. At this stage of life, we begin our process of personal and social independence. This is the period when we begin to think for ourselves and stand on our own two feet.

The fourth reality is related to intimacy, sexuality and loving bonds. It is the phase of discovering feelings, passion, surrender and physical pleasure.

These first four realities represent our material life. While the next three represent our spiritual life.

The fifth reality is that of vocation. It is our baggage, conscious and unconscious, of talents, skills, gifts, learning; all the capabilities that allow us to satisfy our needs in the external world.

The sixth reality is the notion of SELF, of our BEING, our sense of existing. This is the place of the soul.

The seventh reality is linked to the spiritual dimension, the creative source, the great mystery. This is where our origin is, our connection with the source that generates Light, of which we, beings of Light, are part.
These two axes – material and spiritual – must be integrated, in order to live complete and in balance.


The emotional body is our watery body, and manifests itself in the liquid matter that fills every cell of the physical body.

Emotional Lens • Vibrations • Influence of the Environment

Water permeates the entire physical body, stores and transmits information about all emotions, feelings and sensations. It creates a lens that interprets the internal and external world and, in this way, directly influences all types of relationships.

This body is in constant transformation, since water reacts immediately to any and all information.

Unresolved emotions cause psychosomatic illnesses, as they act directly on the immune system, making us susceptible to any type of harmful influence. After periods of stress, grief or depression, it is common for us to become more vulnerable to infections, inflammation and organic pathologies. This is because our physical organs are related to emotions. For example: the liver suffers the consequences of anger; the kidneys are overwhelmed with fear; the lungs weaken with sadness; and the heart loses its regular rhythm with anguish and lack of love… A strong and balanced emotional body promotes a resistant immune system.


We are made of water! Physically, we are formed from the union of the egg with the sperm, macrocells that contain 95% water. According to embryonic growth, this amount reaches 87%. Taken from the book “Messages from Water”, by Masaru Emoto.

Water is multiform, which is why it shapes the environment. Its appearance is mirrored, always ready to absorb, reflect and transform according to the influence of the environment.

Sound resonates with water molecules and, through vibrations, affects all liquids contained in food, animals, plants, the human body and the environment. Scientist Masaru Emoto’s research demonstrates the effects of sounds, written words and thoughts on water, showing these changes at the molecular level.
This is why religious traditions preach being careful with what we say!


The mental body is energy, made up of electromagnetic matter capable of influencing people and the environment.

Family Behavior • Genetic Inheritance • Social Environment • Politics • Economy • Religion

The Mental Body is different from the brain organ, a vehicle for storing neuropsychological stimuli. This means that, by mastering our thoughts, we can co-create the realities we desire.

The mental structure, made up of all the information acquired throughout life, translates behavioral codes, absorbs and creates beliefs that are reflected in attitudes of self-expression.

The mental body connects the sixth body, the soul, to our physical body, and it is this body that interprets the energetic information emitted by the soul for manifestation in the physical body.


The formatting of the mental body is done by information received from the environment in which we were generated, with influences from before and after birth.

Family behavior patterns, genetic and ancestral inheritances, for example, generate a mental structure with beliefs that influence the way we perceive the world.

It is important to evaluate and identify the package of beliefs that are anchored in our mental structure, and observe the results they present in practical life.

The socio-cultural environment, political-economic ideology and religious experiences are also of fundamental importance in shaping the mental structure, as they are influences capable of expanding or limiting our mind, according to their definitions.

These beliefs can be limiting or liberating. When its characteristics and rules are already deeply imprinted on us, modifications are often not allowed.

Thus, mental conditioning can be limiting, as it does not allow different thoughts.

On the other hand, a liberating mind is one that uses its potential to open the paths towards what it intends to achieve. She thinks and acts harmoniously.


The astral body belongs to the fourth dimension and connects the three lower bodies (physical, emotional and mental) to the three higher ones (energetic, soul and spiritual).

It is the body of desires, it belongs to the world of dreams, where everything is possible.
It is here that the mind manifests its ability to imagine. Everything that exists in the material world has its symbolic equivalence in the astral dimension – with the same appearance or not.

The out-of-body experience is possible in the projection of consciousness, which can be done through sleep, relaxation, deep meditation or other techniques that develop healing processes. It is also possible to access knowledge, connect or get to know the spiritual world.


Our fifth body is formed by four energy cores of different vibrations and powers, whose function is to express the original essence, our soul.

And, for it to be anchored in the earth, it is necessary to build a body compatible with the planet’s magnetic field from the four elements that generate life: air, water, fire and earth.
Each core is made up of three distinct intelligence programs, with defined functions. The internal balance of the core, as well as the balance between the four cores, leads us to the maximum expression of our potential, our specialty.

Air Core
Function: Thinking, reasoning.
White intelligence is linked to the past, to honor, to our history.
Blue intelligence relates to analytical, concrete thinking.
Pink intelligence is objective and transforms into action that leads to celebration, joy, happiness.

Water Core
Function: take care of the emotional field.
Celestial intelligence is affective, loving, linked to family, to love.
Silver intelligence is strategy, it is the invisible movement, the warrior who seeks the solution.
Violet intelligence is dissolving and regenerating. It is linked to transformation, to healing.

Fire Core
Function: spiritual (is the active spirit)
Black intelligence is linked to concrete matter, to planning. It’s practical, objective: what we’re going to do.
Golden intelligence is related to honor: which makes me happy and honored with this action!
Red intelligence is initiative, boldness, action.

Earth’s Core
Function: implement
Brown intelligence is related to the earth, to order.
Green intelligence is our daily life, relative to routines.
Yellow intelligence is the ideology, the clear idea.

These energy cores create an Energy System, made up of 12 interconnected intelligent programs that, in activity, generate the Magnetic Matrix. This Matrix of the physical body emanates its waves that resonate in the magnetic field of the environment, the Earth and space.
Each Matrix has a personal design, with geometric shapes, with light frequencies of varying intensities, according to the interaction of its components – the 12 energy programs.


The sixth body is the individualized raw material (soul), a quantum vacuum, which originates in the Multiverse.

It is the capture of divine inspiration, the eternal identification with the matrix source; a complete part of the substance contained in the Whole. He is the great programmer, capable of changing the 12 programs.
It is the immaterial principle of movement, life.
The astral body in the dimension of dreams;
the energetic body in the vital dimension;
the soul body in the essential dimension;
the divine body in the spiritual dimension.


The seventh body, the spiritual, is the divine inspiration that represents all the infinite possibilities of the universe, in the matrix source.

Here, the Light is not expressed through the individualized Self, the Soul, as we are all part of a single divine source.

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