Energetic Cosmology is a set of knowledge decoded by Max Továr, which allows us to investigate and analyze the vibrational influences of the stars of the solar system on planet Earth and, specifically, on the energetic formation of human beings.

It is through this knowledge that we design the mapping of the Gestational Energy System so that we can then place ourselves in the existential context and understand the realities of the individual.

Our Energy System is built by combinations of 12 programs, light frequencies with specific information and purposes, which are attracted during intrauterine brain development, when our emotion, thought, action and direction processing centers are defined.

It is through Energetic Cosmology that we understand how our programs work, how we should use them and, if applicable, how to reprogram them so that we can align ourselves with natural harmony, reconnecting with the Multiverse.

It is in the Magnetic Matrix that surrounds our body that the energetic system works, expanding through electromagnetic waves. When these electromagnetic waves propagate, they transport energy capable of attracting or repelling other waves of vibrational equivalence.

Only by becoming aware of the functioning of our Energy System can we take command of our Magnetic Matrix.

This is what allows us to be able to reorganize ourselves internally and then emit into the Multiverse what we intend to obtain from it.

Now it’s easier to understand why when a person’s system is unbalanced, out of natural axis, as if they were out of focus, all their actions are wrong. She simply cannot be congruent, she cannot establish a relationship between what she wants, thinks, feels or does. To return to your natural state, back on track, to the harmonic Energy System, we must command our programs so that they act in synergy, that is, they work together towards the same result: fulfilling the Purpose of life in a prosperous existence.


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