I am a being from the stars. I come from the great mysterious and multiversal infinity. I was drawn to the energy field of the family I chose to build my bodies: vehicles I use to experience life on this planet.

In Energetic Cosmology, we understand that the soul chooses its parents to build the energetic vehicle to be used on Earth. The mother represents, in her energy field, her state of mind at the moment, the place where she is and her seven past generations. Just like the father, with personal vibration and his own mood, plus the energy field of the past seven generations.

The moment of fertilization has a climate: the sum of the feelings that involve the man and the woman, plus seven generations of stories from each one. Its vibration creates a field of information, and will be the basis of reference for the attraction of the soul that, according to spirituality, chooses to come to earth. To do this, you need an Earth vehicle, which will be used for as long as you are here.


The construction of this vehicle takes place through a collaborative energetic system: the mother, responsible for the right side, while the father, for the left and the soul, for the center. At the time of fertilization, the motor part is built, how the individual will walk. The two energies, from the mother and the father, attract the energies of movement, added to those of the center; together, they will attract the first nucleus of intelligence, which acts in the brain and body.

This point represents the center of the individual. Any imbalance in the center has repercussions on the way you act and walk.



Then, in the third month of pregnancy, the individual’s vision system will be built.

The way you will perceive the world around you is shaped according to the information received by the group of energies that will be attracted at that moment. In the body, the attracted energies are located in the third eye (attracted by the soul), in the throat chakra, defines speech (maternal energy), and in the gallbladder (paternal energy).



In the sixth month, the field of feeling will be built: how the individual will feel.
The mother attracts the energy that is in the right arm; the father, in the left arm and the soul, in the center, in the heart chakra.



And, in the end, at the moment of birth, the last group of intelligence will enter to work in the direction. The energy of the mother goes to the base of the kundaline; that of the father, for the box of dreams, and of the soul, for the head.

This movement represents the union of the four points, which form the Energy System

moment of fertilization
moment of perception
moment of feeling
moment of birth


From the moment of fertilization until birth, the chakras are filled with the father’s energies,
on the left side and the mother on the right side. The soul is the one who commands this matrix and how the individual goes
walk, according to the energies you received.

And within each moment, one of the four nuclei of intelligence is attracted, according to the astral moment, each nucleus with three energetic programs with their specific intelligence.

Ar > Mental > White, pink, blue

Water > Emotional > Silver, celestial, violet

Fire > Action > Black, gold, red

Earth > Concretization > Yellow, green, brown

The one I am, directed with my soul purpose, in tune with what I think and aligned with what I feel generates actions that come to fruition in my reality.

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