What is Energy Cosmology?

Energetic Cosmology is a set of knowledge decoded by Max Továr, which allows us to investigate and analyze the vibrational influences of the stars of the solar system on planet Earth and, specifically, on the energetic formation of human beings. It is through this knowledge that we design the mapping of the Gestational Energy System […]

What is the Electromagnetic Matrix?

The Electromagnetic Matrix is ​​the place where electromagnetic movements take place. When aligned, it is naturally luminous and emanates light wherever we go, inspiring the people we touch. Misaligned, the Electromagnetic Matrix causes chaos and a distorted view of things. It is an unnatural process, which occurs due to the misalignment of our energy centers, […]

Understand about the seven bodies

The alignment of our seven bodies provides us with a connection with the energy generating source, and enables synergy in the Energy System, in full balance. We have seven distinct bodies, interdependent and interconnected by chemical components and subtle structures. They are grouped into different levels, from physical to spiritual, and each of them exists […]

Learn more about the 12 Intelligences

We have 12 intelligences, grouped according to their vibrations into four nuclei, represented by the elements of nature. In Energy Cosmology, each element groups the functions necessary to achieve all objectives efficiently and the balance between them translates into congruence in what we think, feel, want and do. Energy vibrates in a tone (color) and […]

How Intelligence Quotients work

Each core of intelligence has potential that, when exercised, can reach high levels. Our intelligence is something fascinating. And to measure it, countless mechanisms have been created over time. Today, we can put these tools into perspective to see the evolution of our understanding of our own intelligence. Or as it would be more correct […]

Formation of the Gestational Energy System

I am a being from the stars. I come from the great mysterious and multiversal infinity. I was drawn to the energy field of the family I chose to build my bodies: vehicles I use to experience life on this planet. In Energetic Cosmology, we understand that the soul chooses its parents to build the […]